Friday, January 12, 2007

Newsvine - Archaeologists Find Ancient Stone Tools

This would sure go toward helping explain the disparity between dates in South America (some or the oldest in the Western Hemisphere) with the problems of the peopling of North America, somewhat LATER dates. An ongoing argument in "American Antiquity" has been, not if, but whether the people who came across from Beringa ("land bridge" in the Bering Sea available at lower sea levels) settled by traveling "intermontane" or down the interior of the Rocky Mountains (where it seems the modern bear is older too than thought) or down the coasts of Alaska and Canada by traveling between environmental niches in the glaciation, arriving along the coast and traveling further south into Central and South America, where the early sites are. Some recently were found in Uruguay, for example.

A small company I worked for assisted Theodore Roosevelt's grand-daughter Anna Roosevelt an archaeologist of the Chicago Field Museum, to try mapping some of the mounds once built on Marajo Island, the largest freshwater island in the world, the size of the US state of Indiana, in the Amazon River, using new off-the-shelf equipment an infrared-transit, an Epson HX-20 ("first laptop") and mapping software. We surely can record these things faster today.

Source: Newsvine - Archaeologists Find Ancient Stone Tools

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