Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Mandate for Peace

"Our" sniper program there has not worked, in fact it's reportedly backfired according to a veteran who went over the White House fence to talk to the President. I thought the Humvees already had "airless" tires just missing adequate armor. Wrong. I helped survey Fort Drum, NY prior to the relocation of the Army's 10th Mountain from Camp Hale, Colorado and I am saddened by the majority of death reports that seem to disproportionately represent the State of New York. It was seen as a way of boosting the economics of formerly distressed Watertown, NY in the early 1980s. It's become a staging area for armed conflict in Southwest Asia, from where our casualties are reported.

More troops in the Green Zone doesn't seem like a productive solution only an arguable "stop-gap" measure that's resulted from having no stated aims for any kind of withdrawal or reduction in the transfer of control by the Administration, spurring insurgency. We must make our intentions clear, Iraq is not ours!

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