Thursday, January 11, 2007

Conscientious Rejector? - Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone From Yahoo! News

What of the Nuremberg trials? Should we just put aside what was decided? Soldiers have a responsibility to evaluate orders, just blindly following orders as some did in WWII resulting in criminal acts against humanity (i.e., torture, horrible "medical" experiments) I thought was why many fought and died, to bring those to justice not become just like them. The new war technology, "daisy cutters" and "propane bomb" I've heard destroys all oxygen within its radius, suffocating all life, not just a military target, not to speak of the accidents that have occurred, i.e., bombing and killing six Canadians in Afghanistan, a country who would not follow us into Iraq, twice bombing a hospital there too, and other horrors.

Don't get me wrong, I did the archaeology survey of Fort Drum, NY back when we were just getting Humvees, Bradleys, and Abrams M-1's there and still flying Hueys (Iroquois) out of there, that preceded the US Army's 10th Mountain Division to permanently move from Camp Hale, Colorado to the wonderful flat swamp and environs of Lake Ontario and Watertown, NY which had a 5.0 earthquake while we dug hundreds of shovel tests over the old National Guard and winter Army base.

I've also studied the history of the Bowery where the original National Guard started, when it defended our young republic's capital in New York City before becoming state militias.

Well as I've seen the Republicans complain about the President's Emergency War Powers Act whenever they're out of office, promise to reform them, and when they get in office are the biggest "pushers of the envelope" to use General Chuck Yeager's metaphor, my cousin was a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force. There should be somewhere a procedure for a soldiers conscience in our citizen armed services, in my opinion, having the first Marine Corps JROTC back in 1970 in my high school, touted as the alternative to the Draft, without falling out on an "enemies list".

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Source: Conscientious Rejector? - Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone From Yahoo! News

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