Monday, August 22, 2005

Sean Penn's Dispatch From Iran... | The Huffington Post

"Thanks Mr. Penn. I haven't heard an eye-witness report from Iran since the early 1980's. On Long Island, about 3,000 Grumman employees once lived in a compound there, training Iranian pilots to fly their F-14 ('Tomcat' 'Topgun' ah, will fall sometimes out of the air, until modified, will be retired over the next few years from the US Navy). The Shah of Iran (General Schwartzkopf's father helped put that system in place in the 1930's, an American Expeditionary Force) had bought 100 of them. The F-14's test pilot and wife, she has a Ph.D. in Anthropology now, were there and on his birthday I was invited over to the house, a grad student at Stony Brook University, which also had a few Iranian students in engineering there, (a Reza ? I remember was going to take a job as a 'Cleaner' which I also took, part of the union, CSEA). We were sitting watching 'ISHI' then the news came on, and it stated we would blow up all the F-14's if the USSR made a move for the Iranian border, after the US Embassy seizure. It stated the air-to-air missile technology was top-secret. Shortly thereafter 'Nuke Iran' bumper stickers appeared. Some odds for then President Carter huh? Let's see if we send five air-craft carriers we'd have the same number of F-14's? ('Anytime, baby' their shoulder patch. It became 'Make my day' I think, a tiger cat in a boxing ring with gloves on). Thanks again. Posted by: George Myers on August 22, 2005 at 12:14PM"

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