Sunday, July 10, 2005

BAGnewsNotes: Uncle (XXXSam) George

"This reminds me of a summer-time event in Wolfeboro, NH (where the Dole's have a place, and former Vice President Dan Quayle has been seen) years ago when George Bush Sr. was Vice President. President Ronald Reagan was going under the knife for his colon problem, which left Sr. Bush as President for awhile. He stopped on the second deck of the side-wheel ship the 'Mount Washington' to ask everyone dockside to join him in a moment of prayer, before they whisked him away in a limo for the flight to D.C., I assume. Bush 'W' has the same look on his face as Bush 'HW'. Wolfeboro, NH is known as 'America's Oldest Summer Resort' loyalist Governor John Wentworth had a summer place there, near where many today still vacation around Lake Winnepeasauki ('smile of the Great Spirit') and I was visiting on Tuftonboro Neck, where one of the first supreme court justices of Canada (the king's choice, not Peter Livius', who before the American Revolution, wanted to be a non-nepotist judge in New Hampshire, and may have been the writer 'Americus' in the British press over the charges he brought against Governor John Wentworth there). Peter Livius once owned Tuftonboro Neck (married to a contested land-claim family) and a house and mill on Mirror Lake. Interesting, a book about the controversy there (Wolfe was a famous British general who died invading then French Canada) and the results (Governor John Wentworth, unlike all other royal governors became a governor of Nova Scotia after the American Revolution) is Paul W. Wilderson's 'Governor John Wentworth & The American Revolution The English Connection' c)1994 University Press of New England: Hanover and London."

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