Tuesday, July 12, 2005

BAGnewsNotes: More On London : Is Outright Terror A Fact Of Life?

BAGnewsNotes: More On London : Is Outright Terror A Fact Of Life?: "Maybe its a 'uniter' in a 'collective unconscious' as Carl G. Jung once pointed out, a past perhaps in our lower brain stem, that still suspends digestion to 'fight or flee'. President Tyler, who commanded Richmond, VA during our Civil War, his First Lady, Julia Gardiner (of Gardiner's Island, daughter of the New York Senator killed in the explosion of the 'Peacemaker' on the USS Princeton, (she below deck fortunately with widower Tyler) saluting Mount Vernon on the Potomac, leading to the first Capitol 'in-state' funeral of important persons, and there were others) was very important in persuading (said to be THE prettiest First Lady) Congressmen to create a State of Texas (vs. a country of Texians) according to her descendant who recently died leaving the oldest Manor left in America, without a 'legal' heir, where once Captain Kidd's treasure was dug up by the British in the 1880's. As once Texas's 'Governator', perhaps the President taps into our 'collective past' in some way connected to a 'collective unconscious'. They stopped the war to let her pass back to New York after former President Tyler died in Richmond, VA."

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