Wednesday, June 08, 2005

BAGnewsNotes: Loaded Image

"As an anthropology grad student at NY's Stony Brook University, we had a number of people come and report to the club or to the class. One interesting guy spent a number of weeks with the pygmies in Africa, who were living in what is now the underbrush along a large road, where trucks are the main traffic. We had in class saw an interesting film of them making an exquisite rope bridge, and I think harvesting an elephant. They smoked quite a bit of African marijuana he related and provided some photos. Interestingly, we just had an 'anniversary' at the Bronx Zoo, 100 years ago they had placed a pygmy man, 'volunteer' in a cage there attracting public outcry as a boundary in the public's mind had been crossed in that institution that saved the American bison from extinction. I wish someone would research it, or is it that it is from Africa, that has people dead-set against the possible scientific benefit of it. One state changed its motto, 'Kentucky, the hemp state' where historically Americans farmed it for many materials, some used in WWII (parachute shroud lines, laces, etc.) The photo is on the wrong side of the Atlantic."

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