Thursday, April 28, 2005

Do you remember, your President Nixon?

Another somewhat "surreal" photo (I followed the saga of the Dali "sick day" painting of the "crucifixion" that was copied and stolen by some of "New York's Boldest" the correction officers off on that island made of household cinder and ash around 1903, Riker's Island. They hold court for infractions there still in the Bronx, harking back to when a ferry rode there like Alcatraz, now a motor causeway to Queens, stray cats love to traverse according to a study printed in the NY Times where they were fixed before becoming a serious problem, but I digress, they were caught stealing the wall mounted painting by Dali) with Air Force One (ordered by Pres. Reagan but he never flew on) kissing up in the neck of DeLay as if an eye trick of foreground-background or "gestalt". Is Air Force One larger or smaller than Mr. DeLay? It never would happen with the 727 (707?) and Richard Nixon, I think, he was never that far from it.

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