Thursday, March 10, 2005

Looking over Bar Harbor, Maine and a virtual Atlantic Ocean. That's Cadillac Mountain above the town, the highest point on the East coast of the USA at 3X vertical exaggeration from a Landsat satellite picture in World Wind 1.3 from NASA. I was there once in the fog with Lou Young, the drive to the top that is of Cadillac Mountain, (Fresh Kills Landfill on Staten Island, NY is said to be close to as tall) it was so foggy that summer, the place had practically shut down and it wouldn't have been prudent to get out hiking around with nobody out and about all over Mt. Desert Island. Now there is a high-speed car-carrying catamaran called "The Cat" that leaves Bar Harbor for Nova Scotia, does like 80 miles an hour! It ran over a Nova Scotia fishing boat the first time out. The city of Rochester, NY just bought a similar one (5 Mercedes diesel engines, the U.S. Marines were interested in it at auction) to go back and forth to Toronto, Canada. Under its previous owners it had a "dock malfunction" while visiting the Port of New York, where a somewhat similar vessel has been prevented by a technicality from conducting passenger service for the casinos in Connecticut. Sounds like a fun way to visit Chinatown over there and ride the trolley cars to the film festival. Or hang out at the western bar on Gladstone and Queen, I did. Where were you? I spent the night. Or take their subway. Posted by Hello

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