Thursday, May 31, 2012

Comment: Pearl Harbor Memorial by Dan Rather

As an archaeology tech in the US surprised I am by a few recent events in this regard. Testing a new R.O.V. for underwater survey they discovered one of the mini-subs was sunk by the US with a hole to the base of the conning tower. They state that from the records, it was the first shot fired at the battle. Recent film analysis shows one in the inner harbor, attacking by torpedo. Maybe you've seen that film James Caan was in, about Allied mini-subs "Submarine X-1" (1969).

I read Mainichi Shimbun ("Daily News") a non-native researcher lamented the lack of research in the days that led directly to the battle. He or she had uncovered a story of "too late" translated "declaration of war" which one would assume was for diplomats. An unusually warm December day brought the translators to a burial service, outside, D.C. The minister took advantage of fine weather, stretching it to a two hour service. They got back too late on a weekend to translate the communiqu̩. The researcher suggests we go back to piece back the events. Germany declared war shortly after it, and began "Operation Drumbeat" sending US ships at sea in coastal and international waters to the bottom. My grand-dad's brother, Leman Urquhart, was captain of the "SS City of Atlanta" and lost with over 40 others, sunk in that January after the December "Day of Infamy". РHuffington Post 5/30/2012

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