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Blog.matthewhunt.com Bangkok Arts Reviews 5 January 2006

on "Drama & Shadows"

I like your work onsite very much. I live in the Bronx, NYC where Kubrick was from. An uncredited role in special effects was made to the newspaper photographer Weegee (so-named because he was allowed a police radio and seemed to always be on the scene Ouija-like, I think). I was looking also at a trailer online for "Dr. Strangelove" and there were two "frames" one of Kubrick and one of Weegee in it! I once took experimental film analysis and film making with Paul Sharits in the Media Center, as part of the Buffalo University English Dept., when he was there with Hollis Frampton and others, Stan Van der Beek gave a course in the summer, Ken Jacobs did a live performance piece involving a lecture halls rear-projection screen, one part live 3D, with glasses as I think a young Azazel Jacob's rode a tricycle in front of a 3D "colors" projected onto the rear projection screen over the lecture hall, the audience at the time wearing the "glasses" and also showed a "3D" film in the Allbright Knox gallery, you had to hold two neutral density films up to one eye, slowing transmission enough to the brain, and films were shown from many places and makers back in 1974. 
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