Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rolleimetric calibration

Thank you for this. I worked with Prometric of Canada (Andrew Lane and Ray Masigan who worked directly with the German factory) while at Grossman & Associates (Joel) using the Rolleimetric MR2 software back in 1989-1993 or so and last had the 2.0 class at Schneider Optics, Inc. on Long Island, NY. We used the Rollei (I had a computer virus "Blackjack" from a factory disk once) in the archaeology of recording a number of sites and I always wondered how do they calibrate the camera and lens (once high humidity "fritzed" the lens motors on a high tripod and we had it fixed at Rollei in New Jersey, USA). I used it with the earlier issues of AutoCAD from Autodesk in the archaeology of the West Point Foundry, Cold Spring, NY, Mead Hall at Drew University in Madison, NJ, and to record some tidal ship hulks (centerboard cargo carriers seen in the background of an old photo of a replica of the "Halve Maen" (Half Moon) sailing by Bear Mountain Park and Anthony's Nose in the Hudson River circa 1939?) though sometimes just used as a good medium format camera. Most of the photos were developed at 8"x10" and quite expensive on the "dawn of the digital photo". Lost track of what happened, it was in 35mm purchased by the Mexico "Monumentos Patrimonios" (don't quote me on that) to record the Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico City to document the large stone blocks movements, if any. So this is where each camera and a lens calibration is (was) recorded. imm000_00-6 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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