Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Notebook: Foreign Report - Couric & Co.

Notebook: Foreign Report Posted by Katie Couric

In the past "foreign" journalism by major networks could run into a lot of trouble (see "Inquest told journos 'deserved to die'") and admire the risks they've taken, for example as Edwin Newman explained by reciting a letter NBC news producer George Murray had to write to journalists in South Vietnam getting the US soldiers view of the conflict (embedded?), canceled by "higher-ups". He read this letter in the UN Chapel at Mr. Murray's eulogy, who starting out in the US Army Signal Corps in film editing became a director of "Huntley and Brinkley" in the early days of 15 minute news casts. I heard he produced CBS's coverage of the US 1976 Bicentennial duopoly's conventions (Dimmiecats and Rupublicrats) last before he died in Mexico. Later General Westmoreland would sue the NBC network for millions over a news retrospective of the "Vietnam debacle" and settle for an undisclosed amount.

When they gave out the journalism awards this year I was a little upset, though excellence was rewarded, I have the same surname as a famous "muckraker" Gustavus Myers, there was no mention of the over 60 journalists who have perished in Iraq I think last year trying to report from that war torn land, once bombed from the middle of the Indian Ocean, from Diego Garcia a "joint" US/UK military facility visited by Alex Trubek of "Jeopardy".

Source: Notebook: Foreign Report - Couric & Co.

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