Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Japan Opens Royal Tombs for Research

A Long Island sea captain once found a Japanese ship stranded off their coast, full of sick sailors. He towed it into the local harbor. He was thanked and asked what reward would he like? Having looked seen the maps they were guided by, and understandably impressed by their accuracy, he requested that he have a copy. They called him "Mercator" after that because in a sense the world was still flat until the West had an accurate depiction of that area of the world in circa 1845. His former place was a town hall I think. Newsday Long Island History: Southampton

Recently an endoscope was inserted into one of the tombs in Japan and a remarkable preserved map of the stars was recorded on the walls and ceilings of the tomb. It will be interesting to see what other sky maps might be therein. I hope that's how they precede.

Source: Japan Opens Royal Tombs for Research

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