Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Everyone Knows It's Windy?

Posted to Alec Baldwin's Huffington Post Blog entry "Time is Up"
Hello, I grew up on Long Island, from Centereach attending Newfield H.S. which had the first Marine Corps JROTC in Selden (c. 1970, Selden a judge who was Susan B. Anthony's character witness at trial for voting dressed as a man Upstate) and knowing many people's interest in power concerns I couldn't agree more. Long Island is where Nicola Tesla, at Wardenclyffe, thought to tap into the energy of the earth transmitting through the air. A Hazmat site (photos) being cleaned up a future Science museum near Wading River. Hazmat trained coincidently at Bellevue when Gramercy Park was draped in plastic after super-heated steam pipes exploded, I've helped evaluate EPA National Priority sites in NY and NJ. Marathon Battery site (Nike missiles' nickle cadmium batteries) in Cold Spring, NY has been cleaned, where Paul Simon got hitched. One patent I read was for a "standing wing" instead of the propellers GE sells (I have been waiting and have indirectly worked on the their PCB cleanup for a number of years. Every time they are requested to do something it requires often some archaeology survey) that seems less intrusive. Air moving over a linear slot in a vertical standing wing (from Bernoulli effect) sucks air out of the wing, creating a suction that could be used in electrical generation. A symmetrical standing wing as I read the patent, is less intrusive than spinning blades. A "wind farm" was proposed for property in Adirondack Park, near Gore Mountain, in the former garnet mine where the sport of skiing started. There at North Creek, NY VP Teddy Roosevelt was given the terrible news, that after nine days President McKinley had passed away in Buffalo, NY and got on the train for there. The "wind farm" was recently in the Boston papers. NY Times: Waiting for G.E. March 26, 2006 Never hold your breath waiting for actual progress in the cleanup of PCB's from the Hudson River. You'll pass out. Milestones in the river's slow recovery have been piling up for decades, at least on paper. But the chemicals haven't gone anywhere. Obstruction impeachable?

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