Thursday, August 04, 2005

Man and His Symbols

Always feeling sorry for pandas, and living currently near the world-renown "Bronx Zoo" (which once having saved the American bison from extinction [you can hear a "Bronx cheer" come from one of them if you get close enough] currently has one of the largest collections of "snow leopards" [ounce also in the dictionary] I thought to comment about what I heard about pandas. They have very little time to sleep! They have to eat and eat and eat just to get nutrition from bamboo, which many mammals would find hard to live on. This book/argument might be an example of taking a problem in taxonomy, that is some wonder if the panda's related to the raccoon, some to the bear, so lets really stir it up by introducing "intelligent design" there where there's still research to be done. One was born in the US the other day, a couple of pounds and a foot long. Just for the record the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) won their suit against the wrestlers, though I had some problem with China executing poachers of pandas, they staying the WWF's recognized symbol. "Man and His Symbols"! (kudos to Dr. Carl G. Jung)


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  2. Shouting out to a man from where I began!

    Not sure what happened but I am switching windows and up pops your blog - so I read it. Okay the pandas dont do it for me but I check out your profile and see that you live in da bronx! AND you are actually over the age of 40 - a rarity we share here at eblogger.

    Just took the family to the butterfly exhibit...and one of the only facts I know about animals has to do with bamboo because I used to love painting the stalks with black ink trying my hand at the brush stroke and its infinite variations-