Saturday, March 26, 2005

Posted at "BAGnewsNotes: Getting Between The Point And The View

"George Myers on Raining Down From On High" That is interesting observation, one I wouldn't have made even though I had seen the "Pieta" from behind thick purplish glass at the New York World's Fair in 1964. There is a beautiful white copy of the "Pieta" in the St. Joseph's Seminary, in Yonkers, NY, and other statuary, one a native American. The Seminary once was to have been "condemned" for a site of public housing. Ironically, the Valentine House once there, (now an archaeology site) was instrumental, on a high point, for General Washington's intelligence and the eventual defeat of the British, who occupied Fort Golgotha in Huntington, NY. You got me, I missed the Capitol dome, which was made and assembled by Janes and Kirtland, for a tiny bit over $1 million during the Lincoln Administration. It was cast in the Bronx, NY, the company once near the African Burial Ground, on Duane Street in Manhattan, before being "removed" to the Bronx. The previous dome was more like a "hatbox" and Lincoln it's said thought the new one symbolic of bringing the Union back together. Lifted into place with horsepower, block and tackle, and labor, J. & K. had previously produced, after a fire, an all cast iron Library of Congress, got a foot in the door, and other structures resulted, some superseded as the Nation grew in size. Janes and Kirtland was in business until the 1960's. (Add-to: last reported in the "Bronx History" journal to have been producing the ubiquitous steel kitchen cabinets found once in many apartments). - Site Recommended by Brian Flemming, once candidate for Governor of California and author of the musical, "Batboy".

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