Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The New York Times: Television (Forum/Message Board)

georgejmyersjr - 11:21 PM ET March 9, 2005 (#2006 of 2006) Dan Rather Good luck on your new job. My cousin George Murray once directed "Huntley and Brinkley". He died in Mexico, and they had a eulogy at the UN Chapel. Edwin Newman read a letter George Murray had to write as the months of research in Vietnam was canceled by higher-ups. I used to think, was that because General Westmoreland sued all of NBC for it's news network reporting? Well, no that was actually later, for a report broadcast after we had left Vietnam, in public "reality". His crew were trying to create a report of the "common soldiers view" of the Vietnam Conflict, though and so, I imagine that would be like saying, today, "80 per cent of the troops in Southwest Asia voted, where they could, secret ballots not guaranteed there, Democrat". George Murray had been an Army Captain in Korea during that war. He last produced the Democratic and Republican Conventions in 1976 for CBS. Maybe you met him, Mr. Rather? One of my high school classmates, Lou Young, is over at CBS News in NYC. If baseball, above the rules of monopoly, according to the Supreme Court, as reported by the Writers Guild of America, is the national past-time, I imagine this all got started, respectfully Mr. Rather, when CBS's head's brother wanted to buy the Texas baseball team President Bush (then Governor) wanted and did everything in his power to make sure he got what he wanted according to what I heard on WNYC radio awhile ago. You're out! It still doesn't explain how the Los Angeles Dodgers can sue a sports bar in Brooklyn for using "Dodgers" in its name.

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